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Jay Leiderman Law provides full and complete legal services to medical marijuana patients, caregivers, physicians, and others in the medical marijuana industry. Jay Leiderman Law is Ventura County's preeminent medical cannabis law firm.

Medical Marijuana Law in California Book

Prepared by Jay Leiderman and James B. Devine Jay Leiderman Law:
Medical Marijuana Law in California

The services we offer include:

  • Consulting with clients regarding the evolving field of medical marijuana law at the federal, state and local levels.
  • Preparing formational and operational documentation for medical marijuana collectives for both patient and grower collectives, including dispensaries and delivery-based collectives.
  • Advising existing medical marijuana collectives to ensure legally compliant operations.
  • Working with local government and law enforcement to enact local ordinances to enable patients and caregivers to safely obtain medical marijuana.
  • Advising physicians regarding California medical marijuana law and the involvement of the California Medical Board on medical marijuana issues.
  • Representing clients in marijuana-related criminal cases and administrative hearings.
  • Obtaining the return of marijuana-related property seized in criminal cases.
  • Defending clients who are "raided" by the Drug Enforcement Agency and local law enforcement.