Ventura Criminal Defense Attorneys Your Best Legal Defense in Southern California

At Jay Leiderman Law we offer legal services for Criminal Law / Criminal Defense, Defense of Medical Marijuana, as well as Computer Crimes and Hacking defense in Ventura, California. Jay Leiderman is a Criminal Law Specialist approved by the California Bar Board of Legal Specialization.

Criminal Law in Ventura, California

We represent individuals in Ventura as well as throughout California charged with all types of crimes in both federal and state courts.


Medical Marijuana Law in Ventura, California

We provide full and complete legal services in Ventura, California to medical marijuana patients, caregivers, physicians, and others in the medical marijuana industry.


Defense of Computer Related Crimes and Hacking

We provide full and complete legal services to those accused of computer related crimes including so-called hacking or DDoS attacks. Jay Leiderman Law is Ventura's preeminent computer crime defense law firm.